The power meter comes standard with a NEMA 1 rated enclosure and is factory wired with the meter installed. Our Water meters are IP68 and fully submersible, which gives the advantage of protection against floods and harsh environments


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​We have almost 15 years of experience in the metering sector. Our professionals assist consumers all over the world in establishing long-term relationships. We'd be delighted to tell you about our key projects and successes in the United States and throughout the world.


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​​​​​​Optional Modbus/RS485, BACnet®, LonWorks® communication, and pulse output are available. Also, M-bus output can be provided as standard. Our products are highly recommended for Building Automation System applications.

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Our Flow Measurement and Control Division is known for inventing and producing revolutionary high-performance solutions and control instrumentation for practically any liquid, gas, electrical, and steam application, with over 100 facilities and a significant presence in over 40 countries.

Scientific research, semiconductors, wastewater treatment, iron and steel, renewable energy, aerospace, and biotech are just a few of the global industries represented by our systems, which accurately monitor and/or regulate extremely low and high volumes of gas, liquid, steam, and electrical energy.​ 

USonic Metering is a global leader in flow and energy management solutions. Through continuous innovation, we transform complex ultrasonic technology into affordable, reliable solutions for accurate flow and energy management. 

USonic Metering offers water, heat, electricity, and gas meters as well AMR/AMI solutions for complete utility management and solutions