Manufactured to be durable with an extremely long life span the USH-20 is designed specifically for challenging heating and cooling applications as the meter remains steadfast and accurate even when tasked with measuring the dirtiest liquids.

USonic meters enables you to upgrade your switchgear and easily meter circuits without the need for costly and time-consuming redesign

Smart Electricity Meter
iEnergy series SEM300

This smart meter, in accordance with OIML R49, is designed specifically to capture water consumption in residential and commercial applications while integrating into an AMR/AMI network and billing solution.

UltraSonic Level Meter
Remote Version

High-end Professional Meters

Our products range from water meters, electricity meters to BTU meters and much more...

​We have the perfect solution for a retrofit where there is no metering compartment available

A Doppler flow meter is based on the Doppler Effect. It works well with suspension flow where particle concentration is above 100ppm and particle size is larger than 50 ~ 100 µm, but less than 10% in concentration. Doppler is easier to make and less accurate and cheaper than transit-time flow meter. The accuracy can be about 5% at best.

Vortex Flowmeter
 VF404 Series

About USonic Metering Technology


The VF404 series vortex flow meters offer accurate, low-maintenance flow measurements for gas, steam, and liquid applications. It is widely used in the chemical industry, power plants, mining, metallurgy plants, steam plants, and water conservancy.   

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UltraSonic Water Meter
wH2O Series USW-3C&I

Manufactured to be rugged, the USW-3  water meter has a sensor body constructed of high-quality brass. The non-obstructive sensor design results in no blockage and minimal pressure drop, making it ideal for demanding environments such as those found in dessert applications.

Electromagnetic flowmeter accurately measures the flow volume of any conductive liquids, such as water, seawater, sewage, acid, alkali or any mixture of liquids and solids which have a specific minimum electric conductivity.

A transit-time flowmeter is based on the time difference between upstream and downstream sound propagation intervals. It provides a very good accuracy (about 1~2 percent). It works well for clean flow or flows with minor particles or little sand. Applications include pure water, seawater, wash water, sewage, process liquids, oils, chemicals, and any homogeneous liquids which are capable of ultrasonic wave propagation.

The SEM 300 series are the ideal solution for accurately monitoring your consumption offering a direct path to better energy management.

Designed for residential and commercial energy consumers tied to distribution networks.

In the remote version ultrasonic level meter the electronic unit of the level meter is separate from the ultrasonic probe and is connected by cable to each other. Making it flexible and customized according to customer demand.

UltraSonic Water Meter
wH2O Series USW-3

Transit-time vs. Doppler

USONIC Metering


UltraSonic BTU Meter
e-Cool Series USH-20

The most diverse substances are transported and distributed in piping systems every day. The fluids flowing through pipes often have completely different properties. Therefore different principles are required for flow measurement.

One of the main ultrasonic technologies is transit-time technology, which was initially developed by British physicist Lord Rayleigh.

The principle consists of having a pair of transducers incorporated inside the flow meter. The main transducer component is piezoelectric, which converts the electrical energy (signal) to mechanical energy (ultrasound). As a result, each transducer will send/receive a signal.

The velocity range of a transit-time ultrasonic meter is typically quoted as between 0.01 m/s to 80 m/s and above. This is much wider than other flow metering technologies. However, the actual velocity range that can be accurately measured will also depend on a number of factors including signal resolution, process conditions, and pipe Reynolds number, to name but a few.

USonic Metering is a global leader in flow and energy management solutions. Through continuous innovation, we transform complex ultrasonic technology into affordable, reliable solutions for accurate flow and energy management. 

USonic Metering offers water, heat, electricity, and gas meters as well AMR/AMI solutions for complete utility management and solutions

Electromagnetic Flowmeter
E-MAG3x series